Retro Wall Hanging


Brand BedStraw

Inspired by mid-century modern designs, this wall hanging is a great focal point for any room. Made from GOTS certified cotton and linen, and wrapped on cotton canvas. This piece was designed by BedStraw, and hand sewn in Boulder, Colorado. 

Size: 18"x 20" 
Material: 55% GOTS certified organic linen, 45% GOTS certified organic cotton, cotton canvas 
Company: BedStraw
Made: by hand in Boulder, Colorado 

Stock: One of a kind as shown, custom patterns, sizes, and colors available 

The mill in China where this fabric is woven is dedicated to green technology, not only are the air and water quality standards very high, but the mill has a renewable energy plan. Also, the mill has on-site water treatment, meaning it monitors sediment quantities, temperature, and water pH. The effluent meets drinking water standards when released.

Finally, the GOTS requirements ensure that workers are treated well, they're paid fair wages, and child and slave labor is not allowed. Working conditions are good (such as having air purification on the premises); there is adequate light and ventilation.