BedStraw is an online shop featuring sustainable textiles and an interior design consultancy based out of Niwot, CO. Our goal is to provide sustainable products and design solutions that help consumers make safer textile choices for their homes, with less impact on the environment. Our online store is a carefully curated collection of factory and handmade sustainable textile goods produced both locally and globally.

Textile processing, manufacturing, use, and disposal all have tremendous impacts on our bodies, global communities, and the environment. The concept for BedStraw is fueled by a love of design and a desire to join the movement to change the interior textile industry. We are small but believe that small things can create big changes in people’s lives.


Our Mission

BedStraw’s mission is to create and supply accessible and affordable sustainably focused textile products and services for the home. Because this is not easily achieved through current interior textile retail channels, we believe it is important to create a community of supporters of this mission through collaboration, rather than competition, of local and global design, manufacturing and supporting businesses.

Our Philosophy

We believe designers can change the world and right now the home textile industry needs to change. BedStraw’s philosophy is that through transparency and by fully understanding the current social and environmental problems within textile design, production, and use, we can produce beautiful and innovative solutions that lead to healthier homes and a cleaner environment.

Our Strategy

BedStraw conducts a human health and environmental assessment of the products we sell, and of the products we recommend through our textile consulting. The lifecycle of each product is examined and each phase is assessed based on its impact on inside health (air quality, toxins) and outside health (environmental, social responsibility). We use an internal rating system has been created by incorporating various Environmental Design principles such as, “cradle to cradle” and “slow design” strategies, as well as outside ratings such as, GOTS, fair-trade certification and ISO. We are also developing a buy back program where we will reincorporate gently used fabrics into our designs.

What does this mean to you?

We know there are a lot of products that seem “eco”, “green” or “sustainable”, and are far from any of those things. We believe that transparency is the best way to help you make the healthiest choices for yourself and your family. Also, we know that very few consumer products meet every human and environmental need and as consumers you have to make the best choices based on your own needs and values. Because of this, we examine and disclose four aspects of each material used so consumers can make the best possible choice for themselves:

  • What type of material is being used?
  • Where does the material come from?
  • Who manufactures the material?
  • Who makes the product?

 For more detailed information about our health and environmental strategy please see our FAQ section and feel free to send direct questions to


About Sage

Sage Calamari (founder) is an expert in sustainable interior textile practices with a background in interior design, event planning, and small business management. She has a Masters of Science in Design and Merchandising and has published a number of academic articles on the topic of sustainable interior textile products and design practices. Sage developed the BedStraw concept after spending a year in Europe with her husband and dog, witnessing countless environmental design strategies not utilized in the US.

To contact Sage directly please email

Sage Calamari