Alpaca Circular Rug


Brand Broadwick Fibers

Handmade Rose Alpaca Blend Circular Rug, This 18 Micron 100% Alpaca fleece is among the softest fiber in the world. Alpaca has the paradoxical ability to keep you warm when you are cold and cool when you are warm. Its natural elasticity allows it to retain its form and thus makes it an ideal base for this rug. It is the nicest feeling to step out of bed in the morning onto this super soft and lush rug. This chunky rug is sumptuously soft with the added benefit of being a chic statement addition to any room. Handmade in Colorado USA

Size: 50" 
Company: Broadwick Fibers
Made in: USA

Stock: Only one left in Stock
Made to Order 6-8 weeks, Available in 5 colors and custom sizes 

Care: Dry Clean Only