BedStraw's One Year Anniversary

I was 32 weeks pregnant when I launched BedStraw and I had no illusions that starting a business just before having a baby was a really really silly idea. At the time, I had been working on the business for over a year and despite my physical state, it was something I simply had to do. I got a tremendous amount of support, some advice, and some warnings. Many people, including myself, thought it was great to start BedStraw while pregnant because it would be impossible to do with a young baby. Most people, including myself, were worried I wouldn't have the motivation to continue the business once our son came along. 

At the end of February Arlo was born and I happily took six weeks "off" from work.  Then six weeks became ten and by twelve weeks I was happy if I lasted 30 minutes in the studio, even now I'm lucky if I get two straight hours of work done. The thing that I never anticipated was what motherhood does to your brain. I was exhausted, all, the, time. My motivation didn't wane, my desire to spread the word about healthy textiles remained, my love of design did not lessen, but I simply couldn't do everything I had set out to do. I realize that being good at everything all of the time is a myth I picked up somewhere. Now I focus on small victories, I make a sale, I get to take our dog Cooper for long walk, I make dinner, Arlo giggles. I try not to beat myself up if my to do list is unchanged for week, or if Arlo has a short nap, or if we eat take out. I look forward to a time when I can focus on BedStraw and its mission, but I appreciate how precious this time is with Arlo too.

So, cheers to one year of learning and growing, at home and at the studio. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, especially my husband Joe who has been a rock through it all, Arlo for making me smile all day long, and Cooper who still loves us even if our walks are short. 

November 18, 2017 by Sage Calamari